24. 04. 2019

Katedrala Hall


Divanhana, one of the most popular neosevdah groups, who captivated us two years ago with its “interweaving of tradition and modernity” (Delo), will again visit Šiška in April. Over the ten years of its existence, the group has established itself as a concert attraction that redresses the genre’s traditional heritage with contemporary arrangements in its own way. This time, they’ll introduce us to their new singer and fresh material.

With the heartfelt performance of sevdalinkas, Bosnia folk songs and luxuriously orchestrated songs, full of Balkan melos, Divanhana has created a unique musical contrast in the decade of its existence, intertwining tradition with pop, classical music and jazz. The melting pot of the musical heritages of Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia and Turkey has established the Bosnian group as one of the most important names in the so-called “neosevdah”, with its breadth also apparent on last year’s excellent album Kardes, recorded with Turkish singer Suzan Kardes and a pronounced influence by the Turkish musical tradition.

Over the past year, the group built up concert mileage with over 40 shows in 14 countries – including Slovenia. During the summer, former singer Naida Čatić bid the group farewell and was succeeded by Šejla Grgić, a graduate of the music academy in Sarajevo who brought additional vocal sensibility to the group. In 2019, the seven-piece ensemble will be preparing material for its new album, scheduled for 2020, which is why we can also look forward to brand new songs at the upcoming concert.

Tickets on sale online and at Eventim outlets.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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