21. 05. 2019

Katedrala Hall


The “best band in the world” is coming to Ljubljana!

When the trio Die Ärzte formed in Berlin in 1982, the German rock scene was in question. Though the band didn’t achieve great success musically, they soon became known for their notorious concerts, full of chaos, forgotten lyrics, misplayed chords and salty jokes. Despite improving their live show over time, they remained at odds with the local authorities, which censored them regularly.

Before splitting up in 1987, they went on a three-month tour that proved to be too successful, and their dissolution made them punk rock legends. In 1993, they yielded to the tons of letters asking them to get back together, returning to sold out stages and conquering German music charts with their heavily anticipated album Die Bestie in Menschengestalt. Their return was characterised by a harder sound and the political song “Schrei nach Liebe”, which drew attention to the issue of German nationalistic societies, calling neo-Nazis by their proper name: assholes (Arschloch)!

In December 1996, they toured Germany and Switzerland with KISS, then sold out no fewer than six stadium shows and played nearly all continents in the following years.

In 2002, they became the third German band to perform on the famed MTV-Unplugged show, reaffirming their status even further with a New Year’s Eve show in Cologne for 45,000 fans. They’ve earned their title of “the Best Band in the World” with 13 studio albums, successful tours, a strong political stance and a horde of fans.

As the only act announced so far, they will exclusively rule the Rock am Ring and Rock im Park festivals in Germany and Nova Rock in Austria. We’ll have the honour to hear them at the intimate Kino Šiška, and we anticipate tickets selling out extremely quickly.

Tickets sold out.

Organisation: KAPA Association.

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