07. 12. 2019

Komuna Hall


new album release

In the end of November, Dežurni Krivci will release their fifth album Narobe svet, presenting it at Kino Šiška with support by Locus Pocus!

Dežurni krivci, who have been contributing to Slovenian music since the mid-1990s according to their own rules and tempo, will release their fifth album, titled Narobe svet, towards the end of November 2019. Eight songs will be released on vinyl by the independent Prekmurje label God Bless This Mess Rec., while an expanded version with 11 songs will be available online. The album was produced by Austrian Hannes Jaeckl, who has worked with Dežurni Krivci on two of their previous albums, Fakti and Strup, and multitalented artists Gregor Purgaj was in charge of the graphic design.

Locus Pocus is Boštjan Imenšek, a self-taught guitarist, who has jammed and recorded with various bands over more than two decades (FushiesBarni Band, CZD, Mi2, Muškat Hamburg…). Currently, he roars like a blues, rock, noise experimental ambient one-man skiff without a steering wheel, sailing in the rhythm of the same and the one, the one and the same with the dynamics of a wave and storm, with his one and only help being a guitar and a phone scream.

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Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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