09. 05. 2018

Katedrala Hall


album premiere

Slovenian underground legends Demolition Group will present their new album Pojdiva tja (Let’s Go There) in May at Kino Šiška.

Demolition Group remain an uncompromising rock band that still operates at the edges of the alternative and underground. The veterans of the Slovenian rock scene are promising a grand concert with an explosive charge, even more hard-hitting and unique. Loud and clear, with a sensitive and critical attitude towards current events and the increasing atomisation of society. Though the new album Pojdiva tja doesn’t have as direct an activist charge as its predecessors Planet starcev and Zlagano sonce, its music, lyrics and appearance retain a critical attitude towards events around us. With a career of over 30 years, Demolition Group are one of the toughest, most original bands in Slovenia, with their music an idiosyncratic and energetic blend of rhythm, guitar riffs and archaic vocals intertwining with the saxophone, and lately electronics as well.

In the words of Demolition Group: “The naked truth and the naked facts are too rough, and the absence of emotions too heavy and off-putting. What doesn’t hit us personally, doesn’t reach deep. It isn’t difficult to overlook what doesn’t hurt us.

Pojdiva tja is the image of a world in which everyone demands the removal of all limits of their individuality, while simultaneously constantly being terrified of remaining alone.

Pojdiva tja is the voice of anxiety and fear of exclusion, exclusion from the circle of love, from the shelter of the community, from safe predictability.

Pojdiva tja loudly asks whether we really can always and all of us win in the eternal contest of all against all.

Pojdiva tja is the yearning for going on a journey, seeking a world that will be different. Who knows where to, and who knows where that world is. But one thing is certain. It will be a world where speaking loudly will mean listening rather than yelling.”

Despite many dilemmas and changes, the group has retained its creative charge and will be presenting the album with a refreshed lineup: Aleš Suša on the saxophone, Petar Stojanović on the guitar, brothers Tomi and Ivan Gregel on the bass and drums, singer Goran Šalamon, and Matjaž Pegam, who is in charge of the sound and production.

Demolition Group was established in 1985 as the fraction, expansion and continuation of the work of their fore-band Gast’r’bajtrs. They spent the 1980s in constant experimentation within existing and non-existing music genres, signing a contract with the strongest Italian independent label Cruising’hiara with their unique version of electro jazz in 1987. They released two albums for Cruisin’hiara and played numerous concerts mostly around Central Europe (Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary and of course Yugoslavia), which only two other Slovenian bands succeeded in doing at that time, Laibach and Borghesia. They’ve released 14 albums, receiving numerous nominations and awards, with the latest two releases being Planet starcev (2011) and Zlagano sonce (2015), one of the best albums of the year according to critics.

Tickets on sale online and at Eventim sales outlets.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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