20. 09. 2018

Komuna Hall


all night DJ set

Kino Šiška and the Sezam crew are calling an allnighter, headed by producer Dan Snaith, who previously got us moving as Caribou and Manitoba. He will visit Ljubljana for the first time as his DJ alter-ego Daphni, who’s brought the beats to the most famed clubs and festivals around the whole world. The evening will be introduced and outroduced by YGT, Dacho and Levanael. Now that’s the way to start the autumn!

Caribou, Manitoba, Daphni – we know Dan Snaith under many monikers, but they all share an exceptional feeling for getting the dancefloor going with the most progressive electronic music today. As Daphni, he’s known for tireless, varied DJ sets at some of the most legendary clubs around the world, such as London’s Fabric, Berghain’s Panorama Bar, De School in Amsterdam and Warehouse Project in Manchester; he’s been given his own slots in both the prestigious fabriclive series and the Boiler Room; and the biggest DJ superstars regularly turn to his tracks in the heat of the night.

“There’s an inherent joy on each Daphni track, with rhythms propulsive enough to make you sweat. It all blends together in an alchemy that’s ecstatic but understated—fun, unpretentious, and positive dance music that is neither too flashy nor too dull,” wrote Pitchfork about Daphni’s characteristic sound at the release of his album Joli Mai last year. Those who’ve had the chance to catch Snaith live as Caribou or Manitoba know that the description is on point, but due to his busy schedule – by the way, sometime during his career, the master received a doctorate in mathematics with a thesis on a topic we don’t even remotely understand – Daphni’s DJ shows are rare and always special. Let the autumn start on the dancefloor!

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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