05. 06. 2019

Komuna Hall


+ Lynch

The Canadian collective Crack Cloud found their way out of the abyss of addiction through an exhilarating post-punk collage, influenced by everything from Gang of Four and Fela Kuti to hip-hop. On the back of two excellent Eps, one of the most exciting new bands at the moment will stop at Šiška in June for the first time. The Quietus described their November concert in London as “fucking brilliant”, so make sure you don’t miss out. We’ll warm up with local youths Lynch, whose daring guitar derivatives provided one of the best gigs at the famed Tallinn Music Week.

The fluid community gathered under the name Crack Cloud counts around 20 Canadians today, finding solace and support in the struggle against their own addictions and mental issues not just in each other, but in music as well. The core of their “creativity without limits”, as they say, is a seven-piece band that takes the building blocks of music’s past and shapes them into the exciting, radically new sound of the future. The boldly quirky songs thus feature the post-punk foundations of Talking Heads, the infectious groove of Fela Kuti, the storytelling skills of hip-hop, the anarchic directness of punk, the alluring appeal of the dark sides of life and more.

Their self-titled 2018 debut combined the band’s previously released EPs to critical acclaim, and the subsequent tour proved the group to be an extremely intense concert experience. In the beginning of June, this promising band will bring its musical vortex to Slovenia for the first time.

Lynch are one of the most active and hardworking bands of the youngest generation on the Slovenian underground scene. Their guitar acrobatics tend to stray from the traditional rock pose and in doing so tell the evolutionary tale of the music and minds of young creative souls that ranges from high school punk rock to noisy compositions for a rock ensemble. But beware of surprises – the songs tend to change direction when you least expect it. Not unlike David Lynch’s films, even though no two tunes sound alike, they all carry a recognisable sound. Yet at the end of the day, it’s still just four lads on stage, uncompromisingly grinding their instruments and not pretending to be anything more than that.

In 2018 they garnered noteworthy reviews for their Tallinn Music Week performance with mentions in every major report on the festival. In 2017 they performed at MENT Ljubljana and were also handpicked to participate in the Club Marathon, an annual tour of the best upcoming underground Slovenian artists. In 2019, they will be touring showcase festivals as part of the INES Talents network.

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Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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