12. 09. 2017

Katedrala Hall

Žigan Krajnčan, Gašper Kunšek, Jan Krmelj: CHORUS


The creators of the performance Chorus are interested in dance as a transgressive gesture, which can overcome the standardised and real, for movement focuses on relations and thus always takes place between bodies, which offers extremely fertile grounds for political emancipation.

“Dance is always placed in between – into the condition for community. It does not have its own position; it is a gift we receive without acceptance, a gift we give without giving. We can coexist only in between, in the empty spaces, in the black holes, in our constant misunderstandings which establish reality. We can only become one through difference,” they say. They understand the tragic chorus, from which the words chorêgos (the bourgeoisie who organises and pays the choir) and choreographer emerged, as a manifestation of various aspects of the public, laws and morals that gives the rhetoric voice of information and social commentary. “Our chorus remains silent. There are way too many events and concepts for us to address. Chorus distances itself from the human world, it re-enters the pre-tragic form in order to touch upon something that cannot be passed on.” Chorus also addresses something which can in its purest form be addressed merely by the word: Absence.

Koreografija in režija/Choreographed and directed by: Žigan Krajnčan, Gašper Kunšek, Jan Krmelj

Gibalni principi/Movement principles: Žigan Krajnčan, Gašper Kunšek

Konceptualna zasnova/Concept: Jan Krmelj (DivinaMimesis)

Izvajalci/Performers: Sara Janašković, Žigan Krajnčan, Gašper Kunšek, Teja Modrijan, Kristýna Šajtošová, Alex Tesch

Skladatelj in izvajalec glasbe/Composer and performer of music: Kristijan Krajnčan

Oblikovalec svetlobe/Lighting Design: Borut Bučinel

Izvršna producenta/Executive producers: Nataša Zavolovšek, Mitja Bravhar

Produkcija/Production: Center urbane kulture/Center for Urban Culture Kino Šiška

Koproducenti/Co-producers: Alien Express, Exodos Ljubljana, Plesna šola/Dance School Urška, Urban Roof

The performance will take place within the Spider festival in cooperation with CoFestival.
Chorus was the winning project of the 2016 Cultural Euro call.

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