13. 07. 2018

Komuna Hall


+ Glista

Friday, 13th July, won’t be a good day. Oh no, it won’t, as the gang of grind bandits Brujeria is coming to Kino Šiška.

Juan Brujo, Fantasma, Hongo, Hongo Jr., El Sangron, El Criminal and Pinche Peach make up the Mexican-American internationally notorious group that blends grooving death grind with lyrics about drugs, violence, black magic and more. They’re fast, they’re lethal, they’re brutal – and they’re really fun. The band, whose origins are a complete mystery, has so far been made up of members of Faith No More, Carcass, Napalm Death, Fear Factory, At The Gates and many others, with a whole bunch of unbelievable (and at times, hopefully untrue) tales and myths spun around Brujeria. They’re definitely the band whose albums Matando Gueros, Raza Odiada and Brujerizmo are regarded as cult grind classics, with current album Pocho Aztlan not far behind. It was released about a year ago and they’re playing it wherever they can. We last saw them in Kranj in 2016 and they were great.

Supporting them will be local grinders Glista, who are preparing for the release of their debut album Death Machinery. The band is made up of members of Panikk, Sober Assault, Baka Yaro and Dickless Tracy, and blasts out fast, dynamic grind with many a trick up its sleeve. Live, they’re uncompromisingly sharp!

Tickets available via On-Parole.

Organisation: KUD Veseli dihurčki.

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