29. 01. 2018

Komuna Hall


Experimental composers eRikm and Anthony Pateras, known also for his collaboration with Mike Patton, have teamed up to form a new electronic duo. Psychoacoustic textures, whiplash electronics, field recordings and antique synthesizers coagulate to form a highly specific version of improvised musique concrète.

Australian pianist and composer Anthony Pateras is famous for his “multiphrenic” music personality. One day he can terrorise listeners’ ears playing in a hardcore trio with Mike Patton, the next he can lead the electroacoustic formation Thymolphthalein, and the day after that his compositions are performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra or the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Currently he’s part of the North or North trio with Scott Tinkler and Erkki Veltheim, as well as tētēma with Patton, and runs the Immediata text/music project.

Pateras has already visited Šiška with the all-star ensemble of Thymolphthalein (Natasha Anderson, Jérôme Noetinger, Clayton Thomas, Will Guthrie) and been a regular guest at various improv-friendly events and venues in Ljubljana, both as a solo artist and with various collaborative projects.

This time, Pateras will be accompanied by French turntable virtuoso eRikm. From his early experience as a guitarist through to his later visual work, eRikm is a maverick genre-bender who breaks down anyone’s attempts to conveniently classify him. Under his fingers, vinyls or CDs transform into howling, groaning, crackling and screeching beasts that occasionally reveal fragments of human voices and noises of the world we inhabit. His work references both the intimate and political, both popular and high culture, collaborating with artists such as Luc Ferrari, Christian Marclay, Mathilde Monnier, Jérôme Noetinger and FM Einheit. He’s also highly active in the fields of visual and sound art.

The specific language and virtuosity of both players promise a boisterous improvised hurricane of unpredictable consequences.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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