23. 04. 2018

Komuna Hall


In April, Ljubljana will join the Anarchist Republic of Bzzz, a flawless collage of genres from noise and jazz to folk and hip-hop, whose citizens also included Archie Shepp, Trevor Dunn, Luc Ex, Arto Lindsay and Marc Ribot.

We met multitalented French guitarist and singer Seb el Zin through the unconventional groups Naked Wolf and ITHAK (the first performed at Jazz Cerkno, the latter at Keltika). El Zin is now coming back with his other project, which has received the highest praise from leading music magazines such as Wire. In the Anarchist Republic of Bzzz, the versatile Frenchman gathered a number of eminent names from various genres, from art rock to experimental music, jazz and traditional oriental music. The band’s first album (released in 2009 via Sub Rosa) for example featured cult guitarists Arto Lindsay and Marc Ribot, with a bunch of masters later collaborating with the unusual conglomerate of musicians and ideas, such as jazz legend Archie Shepp, the eternal punker and our good colleague Luc Ex, and Murat Ertel of Turkish band Baba Zula.

Among others, the line-up that will visit Ljubljana includes singer/rapper Mike Ladd, who has also worked with Vijay Iyer. The group’s music changes according to its members, with its foundation remaining a flawlessly merged collage of genres, from alter pop and noise to folk and hip-hop.

Seb el Zin (el. guitar, ney, saz)
Mike Ladd (vocals)
RTKAL (vocals)
Fanny Lasfargues (bass)
Nora Mulder (el. cymbalum)
Thomas Ballarini (pads and percussions)
Onur Secki (derbouka, bendir)

Organisation: Jazz Cerkno in coproduction with Kino Šiška.

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