12. 08. 2021

Katedrala Hall


film premiere and DJ programme

Kino Šiška’s big screen will feature the feature-length debut Ameba by Kamnik-based trio Matter. The premiere will be followed by DJ sets from Softskinson, Tsujigiri and Dacho on the summer terrace.

The band Matter (Dario Nožić Serini, Matej Tunja and Luka Lah) have displayed their inclinations towards film and visual arts since their first steps on the music scene. The group’s videos have always contained a cinematic element that went beyond the classic sets of images to support the music, with Matter always placing the story at the forefront. It is therefore no surprise that in 2017, they unveiled their short film Pimpin Piaf, the story of friends trying to find a way to survive in a world they do not agree with. 

At a similar time, the script and filming of Ameba, Matter’s (first) feature film, began taking place. The film concluded shooting three years ago, and its story is even more applicable today than it was during the shoot. 

Set in the near future, the film addresses the dystopian direction of society’s evolution; water resources are being privatised and traded, life at all levels is run by corporations, the internet is under control, the welfare state is becoming a distant memory. Due to the information blackout, manipulating people is easier than ever before. How does a group of three friends, living at the margins of the system, yet still trying to become someone despite all the obstacles set in their path by the system, deal with the collapse of the system?

The screening will be followed by DJ sets from Softskinson, Tsujigiri and Dacho on the summer terrace of Cafe Kino Šiška. 

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Dačo – Dario Nožić Serini

Tunja – Matej Tunja

Lilčke – Luka Lah

Kim – Anja Drnovšek

Damir – Sebastjan Starič

Jolanda – Mojca Partljič

Emina – Maša Grošelj

Sanela – Mia  Skrbinac

Zeki – Bonino Englaro

Dačov oče – Davor Janjić

Script: Dario Nožić Serini, Blaž Završnik

Director: Blaž Završnik

Producers: Blaž Završnik, Dario Nožić Serini, Luka Lah, Matej Tunja

Executive producer: Darej Šömen

Director of photography: Peter Perunovič

Editing: Olga Michalik, Bonino Englaro

Sound design: Stojancho Georgiev

Music: Matter, YGT

Production: Bandera

Coproduced by: Warehouse Collective, Gliser, Aural Fiction, Nu Frame

The event will take place in accordance with applicable public health measure. Proof of recovery or vaccination or a negative test is required for entry to the venue. 

Tickets on sale online and at Eventim outlets.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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