12. 06. 2017

Komuna Hall

Agnes Momirski: VALA (PART 1)

video installation

Vala is a video installation, depicting the titular protagonist guiding and addressing the viewer directly.

In her role as a hybrid digital assistant, Vala’s voice shifts between a musical, confessional and advisory expression, mimicking the flow of ever changing online content. The multitude of her voices is accompanied by transformations of her visual image. Through sonic and visual means, the installation raises questions about the disembodied and defragmented notions of identity within the online realm.

The project was made in collaboration with Jesse Perlstein (Sontag Shogun).

Neža Agnes Momirski is an interdisciplinary artist, living and working in The Netherlands and Slovenia, with MA in sculpture from Royal college of Art (London, 2014), and BA in Fine arts from Willem de Kooning Academie (Rotterdam, 2012). She works at the intersection of art, design and film, revisiting the relationships between body, technology and self. Collaborating with musicians, filmmakers and actors, she stages audio-visual interior settings that address otherworldly/anxious experiences in relation to technology and screen based interaction. Her solo shows include Clairvoyant humans, Tower of Intermedia art (Kranj, 2016), OBVSNSS, UAUU gallery, (Ljubljana, 2015), Communication device, Museum de Pont (Tilburg, 2013), Process of a repetitive thought, Singersweatshop Gallery (Rotterdam, 2011). Recent group shows include EAC 2015, Exhibition of contemporary art (Alicante, 2015), Two hundred acres, Pump house gallery, (London, 2015), CKOM, Ram foundation Gallery (Rotterdam, 2014), Showcabinet Maison Martin Margiela, Showstudio Gallery (London, 2013), Inside the house, Kunstpodium T Gallery (Tilburg, 2012), and others in Kunstinzight Rotterdam, Goethe-institut Rotterdam, Picture This (Bristol), Tent Rotterdam. In 2016 she was awarded the Werkbijdrage Jong talent, a grant by Mondriaan Fonds. During her study she was a recipient of a grant by Ministry of culture in Slovenia (2012-2014), a grant by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds in the Netherlands (2013-2014).

Organisation: Kino Šiška. The project is supported by Dutch fund Mondriaan Fonds.

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