03. 10. 2020

Komuna Hall

.abeceda I new music ensemble

.abeceda [new music ensemble] constitutes infrastructural models initiated by the selected composer in residence. .abeceda is a generative domain contextualised in the present. The ensemble evaluates and constructs premises; materialised and presented through a series of monthly activities and research. The composer in residency in 2020 is Neža Zupanc

Neža Zupanc: Basic form no. 3, Obligations Towards the Unknowns (2020) Obligations Towards the Unknowns is a play of references and their common points, intention of which is to offer its participants an expansion from expected and unexpected to momentarily, past, upcoming and too late. Doing so in the form of sound, picture, movement, contradiction and mistake being recorded in real time and retrospectively.

The titles of the pieces:
Tonality Of The Claim
Suggestions’s Standstill
Basic Form
The Tangible’s Space

Gašper Livk
Brina Kren
Klemen Kocijančič
Jan Kopač
Ana Mezgec
Ana Mir
Kristjan Zupan
Urban Megušar
Kim Kozlevčar
Mirjam Šolar
Lovro Korošec
Miha Gantar
Špela Jensterle 
Julija Mohorič

Artistic director and composer in residency: Neža Zupanc

Producer: Pia Reš

Free entry. 

Production: Zavod .abeceda [Ape.Parlour] in co-production with Kino Šiška

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