21. 09. 2017

Kino Šiška

Mateja Bučar: URBAN NOTES

With its membrane of choreographic formations, rhythms of everyday errands and socializing rituals, harmonised compositions of chaotic passages and non-functional yet sensible choreographic comments of architectural lines, a series of urban choreographies that choreographer and dancer Mateja Bučar intercepted in various urban spaces between 2009 and 2017 (Green Light, 2010, Parking packing, 2012, Mistifs, Unfathomables, 2013, Green Table, 2015) offer to the spectator in an entertaining manner the spectacles through which s/he may see her/his own kinetic automatism as a problem.

Urban choreographies with dancing squads visit the passing-by pedestrians, the generic spectators, claimed by application forms of public foundations; the squads creep into their routine with a barely noticeable presence in places which do have a name but are usually visited in rush of a passage or in brief pauses between two errands. Once the spectator compares the urban aesthetisation of the city, s/he looks around and is overwhelmed with the anxious feeling that everyone around her/him is part of choreography.


Avtorica/Author: Mateja Bučar

Izvajajalke/Performers: Evin Hadžialjević, Maja Kalafatić, Kaja Lorenci, Nina Pertot Weis, Veronika Valdés, Aja Zupanec

Produkcija/Production: DUM-društvo umetnikov/Association DUM

Koprodukcija/Coproduction: CoFestival 2017

Final destination: Kino Šiška.
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