16. 09. 2017 - 24. 09. 2017

zgornje preddverje

Bojana Cvejić, Lennart Laberenz: VOJNA YVONNE RAINER


One of the rare choreographies that explicitly foregrounds “war” is Yvonne Rainer’s work from 1970, made in the time of protests against the Vietnam War, immediately after Nixon’s Cambodian incursion: “a high sprawling non-competitive game-like piece for 31 people… an ass-backwards war, with people willingly relinquishing the flags and opting for capture and death.

Physical metaphors for war without motivation.” (Yvonne Rainer, Work 1961-1973, Halifax, NovaScottia, 1976). An interview with Rainer, who never saw the performance, and Pat Catterson, the dancer who recalls the movements she performed, unearths the forgotten work.

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