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The event is postponed to 29th of March 2021. All purchased tickets are of course valid for the postponed events with new dates announced already. We’d appreciate it if you retain your ticket for the new date and thereby support culture in Slovenia.


American sensation Boy Harsher, the flagbearers of the contemporary revival of dark, melancholic, yet irresistibly appealing synthpop sounds that has been racking up millions of streams online, will finally come to Šiška in March! They’ll be accompanied by the abrasive electronic duo HIDE.

Boy Harsher was born out of the adolescent lust and anger of Jae Matthews and Augustus Muller in 2014, somewhere in the marshes of the American southeast. No wonder the pair imploded before even getting off to a good start – soon after the release of the morose, yet with feverish dance energy charged and well-received debut Yr Body Is Nothing, a resounding “final” performance that involved live tattooing, speaker frying and lit candles flying announced the end. No more. Both for the band the couple.

Thankfully, the above-mentioned fire didn’t burn all of the bridges, and soon enough, Matthews and Muller were not only speaking to each other again, but making music together again as well. Instead of the pain and despair that come after +the failure of something, their new album, 2019’s Careful, delved into complicated family relationships and their deterioration on the one hand, and the impulse to run away from all of this on the other. Just like its predecessor, Careful isn’t lacking for sensuous vocals, dance fever and hedonistic decadence, partially inspired by the duo’s constant touring all over the world. You can find them in both famed Berlin electronic underground venues such as Berghain, and heavyweight festivals such as Roadburn, where they’ll be performing in April at the express invitation of our October guest Perturbator. And before that, one of the hottest names in contemporary alternative music will pay a visit to Šiška. Oh boy!

Ahead of Boy Harsher, we’ll warm up with HIDE, interdisciplinary artists from Chicago who splice raw, noisy field recording electronica with the piercing voice of vocalist Gabel. Their work has been noticed and supported by a single release by famed label Sub Pop, and their DIY persistence and energetic live shows have taken them all over the world.

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Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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